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Corporate News

Corporate News


Thinkview's Participation in Global Sources Consumer Electronics Show Successfully Completed

During the five-day exhibition, ThinkView showcased its new product series and had in-depth communication with potential customers and partners.ThinkView's new product series was warmly welcomed by the market. Many potential customers spoke highly of the product's features and design, which gives ThinkView confidence in its future market prospects.

ThinkView's team members actively introduced the functions and usage of the products to potential customers and listened to feedback and suggestions from all parties.

Through this exhibition, ThinkView has established a number of new partners, which will help ThinkView to further expand its market. ThinkView team members' performance at the exhibition was also widely praised, and customers were impressed by their professional knowledge and positive communication attitude.

In addition, ThinkView took the opportunity to learn about new developments and trends in the industry so that it can make timely adjustments to its product strategy. ThinkView also identified areas where it can improve. ThinkView will use this as a motivation to continue to work hard to provide better products and services to customers.

Overall, attending the Global Sources Consumer Electronics Show was a very successful experience. ThinkView not only expanded its business, but also gained a lot of valuable experience and lessons learned. In future exhibitions, ThinkView will pay more attention to the interaction with customers and the overall image and user experience of its products.