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E-SOP Will Bring Us Greatly Convenience

SOP, so called standard operating procedure, factories are usually called work instructions. While E-SOP is an electronic work instruction, which uses computer technology and electronic equipment to realize SOP electronic products.

E-SOP system is a system specially developed for the electronic management of process cards on the production site. The core concept of ESOP design is paperless operation, which supports electronic operation instructions approval, management and distribution. Can play pictures, words, Excel, PPT, video animation and other files. E-SOP greatly improves the production line change speed and the company's corporate image. In addition, SOP system also integrates the functions of ANDON calling, real-time production data management, equipment inspection and ESD anti-static monitoring, optimizing the production process in many aspects. Thereby improving production efficiency, improving production quality, reducing personnel costs, improving Enterprise management level and industry competitiveness. ESOP helps to achieve high-efficiency, high-quality and low-cost smart factories.

According to the intensification of market competition, enterprises have put forward higher and higher requirements in terms of product quality, cost, delivery time, etc., which requires that the manufacturing management system must Unified integrated management of various application elements including warehouse management, order tracking, final judgment release, and finished product delivery. At the same time, due to the great differences in the production forms, management objects and enterprise management methods of different industries, the construction of manufacturing management has become a very large and complex project. Through the network, not only high-speed and smooth transmission and communication and integrated management of program codes can be realized, but also online processing of complex parts can be realized, which builds a basic information management platform for the ESOP system.

ThinkView Technology(SEEKMIND's parent company) adheres to the entrepreneurial spirit of hard work, innovation, professionalism and dedication, with the product concept of independent innovation and differentiated design, with quality policy of ingenious manufacturing and excellence, we provide customers with every new-type computer and display equipment, facilitate people's work, Live, improve the production efficiency of enterprises, empower and contribute to the development of intelligence and digitalization of the whole society

 ThinkView Technology focus on all kinds of computer products, such as all in one PC, tablet PC, Laptop PC, Panel PC, Mini PC, Smart monitor, INFO-Security PC and many other industries customized products. According the needs of customers, recently ThinkView Technology has launched ESOP all-in-one computer. ThikView ESOP all in one PC has successfully used in our customers factory production line. Adapting to the development of the era, ThinkView ESOP brings convenience to customers' production management, reduces the cost of enterprises, greatly improves production efficiency. We believe that through the continuous efforts of ThinkView Team and insisting on customer-centricity, Thinkview Technology will produce more quality products to bring more convenience to the society and all customers whole around the world.